Dr. Zain Bheriani is a true believer in Quality of life so her patients can spend their lives getting the most out of their own lives. Dr. Bheriani was born in Calgary Canada into an Indian-African family. She spent most of her childhood in Thailand, Italy, New Zealand, United States, and the Caribbean. Dr. Bheriani is a graduate of the University of Calgary in 2016 in Family medicine with a concentration in Sports medicine.

Worldly experience has afforded her to understand the intricacies of culture and their specific needs to medicine, especially when it comes to women’s health. Having done relief work in Papua New Guinea, Equatorial Guiana, India, Laos, and South America her true love is International Aid.

The past year Dr. Bheriani has enhanced her skills in surgery. studying under Dr. Mario Luc, she now has a specialty in minor surgical procedures. She is here to optimize your health with a caring and compassionate approach and looks forward to working with you.